Get Huge Discounts, Custom Gear, Private FB Group of OVER 6500+ Ambos, Earn Cash Rewards, Exclusive Sales, & Be Part Of The Inner Circle Plus So Much More!
Why is it the best? Well it's pretty simple:
 Get $150 worth of LiveSore Gear!
 Your Own 20%* OFF Discount Code
 Earn CASH REWARDS  for Sharing 
 Join 6500+ other Ambos Worldwide
 Over 3800+ Private FB Ambo Group
 There's NO Sales  Requirements
 NO Social Media Requirements
Describe your style of fitness:
Reason For Becoming An Ambassador:
Fitness Goals:
CRITICAL : In any scenario would you choose to:
This is an application to become a LiveSore Ambassador which we consider to be a very prestigious opportunity. We want ALL levels of fitness & body types, our community is one of empowerment, motivation, inspiration, & a ton of crazy fun. Please be genuine about this application, as we take applicants very seriously!
Being a LiveSore ambassador is more than just representing a clothing brand, it's about being a part of a family!
The LiveSore community is always supportive and positive, allowing you to push yourself further in life and in the gym!
When I signed up it was so much more than the clothing. LiveSore is a family that has helped me push myself harder in the gym!

Beth Bisotti 
LiveSore Ambassador

Tyrone Logan
LiveSore Ambassador

Clareyce Free
LiveSore Ambassador
Being a LiveSore ambassador is more than just representing a clothing brand, it's about being a part of a family!

Beth Bisotti 
LiveSore Ambassador
The LiveSore community is always supportive and positive, allowing you to push yourself further in life and in the gym!

Tyrone Logan
LiveSore Ambassador
When I signed up it was so much more than the clothing. LiveSore is a family that has helped me push myself harder in the gym!

Clareyce Free
LiveSore Ambassador
"Join the movement"
Our Ambassadors Get The Best Of The Best!!
Starter Bundle
As an Ambassador you'll receive your Ambassador Starter Bundle with $150 In Goodies so you can represent the Brand properly and be all decked out!  The Best Deal In Fitness!
Your Own Discount
Our Ambassadors receive 20% OFF all your online shopping our apparel and accessories.  Plus we'll often run Private Ambo Only Sales & Custom Ambo Only Gear!
Earn Money
You'll have the option to get your own customized sharable coupon to earn CASH REWARDS whenever you share it with friends, family, on social media, etc etc. How Awesome Is That?!
Exclusive FB Private Group
You are invited to join our Private Ambo Only FB Group with over 3800+ other Ambos that get all kinds of insider secrets, deals, gear, and of course motivation and fun!
Ambo Only Sales
We run Exclusive Ambassador ONLY sales where you'll be the first to learn about new gear and get the deepest discounts, sometimes as much as 85% OFF!
Guest Chats
Ambassadors will receive Exclusive Guest Chats with livesore athletes where you'll learn everything from how they train, what they eat and even how they make more with the ambo program!
First To Know
As a part of the Ambassador Program you will get exclusive news, updates, and deals we don't release to the public!  You Are the INNER-CIRCLE!
Help Us Design
Ambassadors not only hear about our newest upcoming gear, we ask &  encourage you to give feedback! We allow you help craft and design the clothes YOU want to wear!
Missed out on regionals? Yeah, me too. I only missed out by 5000 places and now Reebok and Nike won’t return my calls... Fortunately, LiveSore took me on as an ambassador and give me first crack at their latest designs at a great discount. LiveSore is a fun, grass roots company that’s building a great community of battlers like you and me. 

While you may not always be at the top of the whiteboard, you’ll always be looking the best when your deep in cave fighting for those final reps. With the colours that reflect our community and the language that we all use, from the garage to the games and everywhere in between, this is for all of us that choose to LiveSore.
- Cam Ikazee
Australian Ambassador
The LiveSore Ambassador group is the most amazing group of people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. This is a group like none other - full of fun, motivated, & energetic people that will make your day, every day! Check out some of these amazing posts from our exclusive Ambassador FB Group! (Click to enlarge)
What is LiveSore? 

To me LiveSore is a family. A fitness community where we share nutrition, fitness tips and we help hold each other accountable. Sometimes when we are having a bad day and we need someone to talk to their is always someone to lift us up and inspire us.
If you want to be part of an awesome family then LiveSore is for you. Because you are awesome and you deserve LiveSore.
- Rhonda Lura
How Do
How Do
you become an ambassador?
We've made it as simple as possible (just three steps) for you to become an Official LiveSore Ambasador!
Step 1: Apply
Click the button below and fill out our easy to use Ambassador Application!
Step 2: Get Accepted
Once we've recieved your application, we will assess it and let you know you've been accepted the same day!
Step 3: Get Dope gear
Once you're accepted, your Ambassador Starter Bundle will be put in the mail and you'll get access to all of your bonuses!
Make a choice to become part of something simply amazing, a choice to be part of a positive, empowering, unique, and incredibly fun group of awesome individuals!!
As a happy customer of livesore and ambassador, I would highly recommend anyone wishing toget comfy workout gear or even casual gear to grab some. Customer service/Management has always been great they are based in the USA and I'm here in Sydney Australia.. never had any issues receiving my gear! Price is great, so if you want comfy gear to wear - i would say get some Livesore gear for sure, you wont be disapointed
- James Manly
Australian Ambassador
What are we looking for? One of the biggest questions we get is, "What are your requirements to be an Ambassador?" It's honestly very simple, but we want to be sure it's a great fit!
Just love the brand
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL ( this isn't a job)
  • You must be POSITIVE and represent the Brand in a upbeat positive manner (who doesn't love a happy person?). Just wear the gear with pride & talk it up when asked!
  • A small nominal Membership fee which rewards you with the 20% OFF Code, Private FB Group of 3800+ other Ambos, & the ability to earn Cash Back Rewards!!
  • You don't have to worry about posting to social a certain number of times nor selling anything!
  • There are no shopping or spending requirements once you've received your AmboStarter Bundle.
That's basically it, we just ask that our ambassadors LOVE the brand, talk it up, be a positive Member, endorse the message, have fun, and Embrace The Pain!

We're In this together and as a LiveSore Ambassador, you literally become part of the Inner-Circle and we value your ideas and feedback!  Some of our best designs were fine tuned because of our Ambos!

Become part of something "Bigger" than you & surround yourself with other like-minded fitness friends, it will change your life!
Find Out Why Over 45,000+ Others Have Applied!
This is an application to become a LiveSore Ambassador which we consider to be a very prestigious opportunity. We want ALL levels of fitness and body types, our community is one of empowerment, motivation, inspiration, and a ton of crazy fun. Please be genuine about being part of our Ambo Program as we take applicants very seriously .
The ambassador program is about family. It's filled with people who are looking out for you, checking in on you and congradulating you. Join the fun!

Anthony "Shorty Truss
LiveSore Ambassador 

Anthony "Shorty Truss
LiveSore Ambassador 
What is an Ambassador and why should you apply?

We developed an Industry Leading Ambassador Program to give our friends the best damn group of like-minded people in 1 amazing group to help come together to motivate, empower, contribute, and simply have fun. 

We simply ask that you be an amazingly positive contributor and talk up the Brand and rock the apparel. There is no "selling" or "requirements" beyond the initial application process.  

In return, you get the most incredible "Ambassador Starter Bundle" valued at well over $150 in retail cost, a special 20% Off coupon code, the ability to literally earn Cash Back, Exclusive Ambo Only Gear, Secret Sales, the Private FB Group of over 3800 other Ambos, and much much more!

There is most definitely something uniquely special about our Ambassador Program! At just over 3 years old, we’ve had over 45,000 applicants from around the world and have brought on over 6500 LiveSore Ambassadors on as Official LiveSore Ambassadors!
Have you ever wanted 
to be part of something unique, something "bigger" than just yourself, part of the inner-circle, part of a community that lifts you up with positivity and fun on a daily basis?
If you answer "YES" to this, than you are who we are looking for ... no matter your age, gender, weight, size, shape, or fitness level. 

We want those who can help others as well as those who are looking for help from others! It's simply amazing to watch people open up, inspire, have new found confidence, and truly grow as a person when surrounded by the right "crew"!

LiveSore has become one of the Fastest growing and best known apparel brands within the fitness industry and we want more awesome individuals to be part of this excitement!

If any of this has caught your attention and you can relate or hopefully are EXCITED. Please go on, if not... we thank you for your time and wish you all the best. 

We truly want those who are ready to be part of something amazing that has already changed 1000's of lives!
Don't Take Our Word For It, Listen To Real Life Ambo's From All Over The Globe!
You came here for a reason, let's make that change today and have you become part of something bigger than just yourself! Click below to make it happen & take charge today!

Kerry Chabot
Canadian Ambassador

Kevin Miller
LiveSore Ambassador
I love Livesore because it's an international community. They have helped me push myself further in life and in the gym. Check us out!
I love this brand because it stands for something. The clothing is comfortable and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!
Is There An Annual Fee?
We have no "annual fee". Upon signing up you have options as to the length of the Membership you would like to choose & that Membership Fee entitles you to your 15% discount, Cash Rewards Program, and the private FB Ambo Group. We recommend the "Lifetime" option as it's the best deal & most beneficial, should you choose the other options you'd get an email reminder of your Membership expiration and options continuation!
Required to spend/shop more?
No, not at all. Once you’ve been accepted into the Ambassador Program and selected your Ambassador Starter Package, we do not have any shopping or spending requirements beyond that.
When will I receive my discount code?
Upon acceptance into our Ambassador Program, you're personal Discount Code will be automatically assigned to your email address and your welcome email will include the discount code, which is sent immediately!
How will I know if I’m accepted?
Simple, once you've completed your application on this page and then selected your Starter Package, We will inform you the same day!
Can others apply?
They sure can, and we love sharing the Brand and Ambassador Program with more awesome individuals. However, we cannot guarantee approval for anyone. Each applicant is reviewed individually.
Will this program make me more awesome? 
You're already pretty damn awesome which is why you're here, but its been scientifically proven that our Ambasassador Program will enhance all your badassery!

Is my payment information secure?
Our store is hosted on Shopify Inc. They provide us with the online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you. Your data is stored through Shopify's data storage, databases and the general Shopify application. They store your data on a secure server behind a firewall.
Am I required to do things like "share" on social media?
No, we have no requirements for anything like that. However, we do want people who are proud of the Brand, represent it well, and love it. For doign so we will offer you cash rewards!
Do I have to sell anything?
Not at all, all we ask is that you wear and represent the Brand! No sales required!!
a message
a message
from the Family
"LiveSore" is a mentality, philosophy, & lifestyle for those who train at life & “Embrace the Pain” as their badge of honor from the result of strongwork!

LiveSore is a young grassroots Brand that started as more of a mentality than anything else back in 2013, but our Owner grew up playing sports as well as battle obesity and the LiveSore mentality rings true. The idea that if you put in the work your body will let you know you’ve done well and shows you this by being “sore”. Whether you are gym freak, obstable course fanatic, high intensity feind, a runner, into yoga, walk everyday, pro bull rider, or anything inbetween, you can relate to this pride of being sore from your adventures. 

This philosophy is something that we believe should be glorified as “success” and as such we decided to build a Lifestyle Brand around this simple concept. 

Our Slogan is simple and to the point “Embrace the Pain”. 
Anyone who is active, who trains, who works out, who struggles, who pushes, and who is dedicated can most definitely relate to this. It is after all what helps those of you who “train through the pain” get the results you seek. 
If this sounds like you,
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